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AttackIQ Platform

AttackIQ Inc

Automate the continuous efficacy validation of your endpoint, network and cloud security controls.

AttackIQ Platform is the largest, independent player leading the Continuous Security Validation market. AttackIQ codifies the MITRE ATT&CK tactics, techniques, and procedures into a fully automated platform allowing you to continuously test the efficacy of your security controls. According to a 2019 Ponemon report, the average enterprise spends $18.4 million on security controls, and yet 53% of security leaders at those organizations are uncertain how those controls are performing. AttackIQ solves this problem by enabling security teams to automate continuous testing of attacks and abuse against their endpoints, networks, and cloud infrastructure. AttackIQ Platform is a client-server offering with lightweight test points, or agents, deployed to systems that will execute malicious activity safely within a production environment. AttackIQ agents report back to AttackIQ Platform Console - available as either a SaaS or on-prem deployment option - providing insights and reports on where security controls are succeeding and failing. Real-time results allow teams to quickly pinpoint which security controls and policies need attention and tuning to return to best practice baseline values.