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Enterprise Design Collaboration Made Simple

Stay ahead of your competition by delivering more, faster thanks to better workflows. ProjectWise is the only infrastructure design-specific collaboration software that can save you, your team, and project time and money. Agile, scalable, and secure, ProjectWise empowers efficiencies working across disciplines, departments, distributed teams, and data types. 

With a single, integrated application like ProjectWise, organizations have:

    • Shortened project start-up time by 200%
    • Reduced design time up to 40%
    • Reduced time spent addressing issues by 30%
    • Captured, visualized, and remediated 100% of design risks
    • Reduced costs associated with potential construction errors by 25%
    • Increased ROI by 50%

ProjectWise is an advanced design integration and work-in-progress coordination solution for complex projects. It includes ProjectWise 365 as well as:

    • Unmatched information management leveraging metadata, attributes, and dependencies
    • Superior collaboration thanks to model co-authoring and integration capabilities
    • Powerful real-time insights making project health assessments easy

All within an ISO-centric environment to help you guarantee compliance.

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