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SMS Sender – massive SMS sending

You can use our solution:

  • as a web shop for marketing aims, to send SMS about discounts, coupons, giveaways
  • as a pick-up point to notify the customer is the ordered product can be taken away
  • as a supplier to notify the customer about the delivery’s time
  • as a service to notify the customer if the reparation is ready
  • as a medical station to notify the patient about the control date

We recommend this service mostly for the companies in the commercial sector, but suitable and useful for any enterprise.

Why do our customers love our solution?

  • Nowadays a mobile phone is a must-have product, everybody owns it
  • In this case there is no spam list, wrong e-mail address, uncertain postal delivery or unnecessary leaflet division
  • The 95% of the sent messages are opened
    Quick, effective, purposeful
  • It is cost-efficient, because the price of the SMSs is the only expense
    Environmentally friendly,
  • it is a digital message thus protects the environment

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