The Big Brain’s Intranet is the corporate portal built integrated with the Office 365. This version focuses on productivity and brings together all the information that the administrative and pedagogical sectors of the institutions need.

As a social network, it displays in chronological order warnings, news, posts and even the users' book. Teachers, pedagogues, directors, coordinators and other collaborators can interact with the content and comment.

The documents, notices, rotating banners, commemorative dates and events, can be dark, using the same environment.

The Intranet has a layout according to the institution's branding, guaranteeing a visual identity within a safe, intuitive and collaborative environment.

All this in a software-as-a-service framework. That is, using Big Brain's Intranet, an institute paid only for the number of users it has.

Management can orchestrate workflows and permissions, as well as a flow of approvals for posted documents and the management of permissions inheritance.

The user can sign up for Learning Trails, an environment for training employees through an intuitive platform that allows various content formats, including Sways and Forms, links, videos and images.

A smart chatbot to interact naturally with your users on websites, apps and more. Through Microsoft Azure services such as Machine Learning, Chatbot can answer queries regarding requests, events, vacations, and other administration and HR services, thereby saving time and resources for responding to employees.

This solution was built for educational institutions: Elementary to Higher Education.

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