Block 64 Solution Assessment: Modern Workplace

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Find cost savings, reduce risk, and standardize your collaboration tools for up to 1,000 endpoints

Block 64 Solution Assessment: Modern Workplace

Discovery for up to 1,000 endpoints: includes license and support with 45 minute debrief ($1,800 USD).

Please contact to get started.

Block 64 offers IT asset discovery and analytics that empower our customers around the world to make informed decisions, improve operating efficiency, reduce risk, and save money. Our online portal provides you with a centralized blueprint of your company’s entire IT infrastructure, including assets, cybersecurity threats, and cloud utilization metrics.

The Block 64 Solution Assessment for Modern Workplace places a specific focus on understanding the usage of existing collaboration toolsets and the usage of the Microsoft 365 suite. Once the Block 64 discovery is complete, we will address standardization opportunities, areas for cost saving, and potential security risks.

Get Started:

Step 1: Please contact to get started.

Step 2: Deploy the Block 64 Application in as little as 5 minutes, which will scope up to 1,000 endpoints.

Step 3: The Block 64 Application will work on its own to discover all assets in your IT environment.

Step 4: Block 64 will deliver insights back to you and offer recommendations based on the findings.

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