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A simple uptime and performance monitor with awesome diagnostic tooling.

Status List is a simple uptime and performance monitor with awesome diagnostic tooling. Companies with HTTP services use Status List to periodically check that their service is running correctly. If you run an HTTP service, this product is for you.

Realtime Notifications

Get instant notifications when the HTTP services fail, degrade or resume. Instant notifications give you a head start. You can be tackling the issue long before your customers call in. If you’re responsible for communications, you can get a head start on crafting your communication. If you’re in ops, you can get a head start on resolving the issue.

Full HTTP Transcripts

When the service is failing, you want to know as much information as possible. That’s why all of our notifications include a full transcript of the HTTP request and response. With all the information, your issue is going to be solved faster.

Errors and Performance

Unresponsive services aren’t the only issue. If a service is running slowly or returning non-success status codes, that can be just as bad or worse. To make sure you know the whole picture we monitor performance, HTTP errors and uptime.

Performance Breakdown

When performance is falling, is it because TLS setup is taking too long? or is there web service actually slow? We show all the metrics - DNS lookup, TLS setup, Request Send and Response Time.

It's Plain Simple

We only do uptime and performance monitoring. There’s no bloat and extras, just a service that does a good job at one thing.

Slack Integration

Get notified of incidents right in your Slack channel. Keep your team in the loop. Get all the details you need right in Slack.

A Partner That's There For You

I’m Nate, the founder and developer of Status List. I personally respond to every support request and it makes me happy to be able to help other developers keep systems running smoothly. Have a question? Send me an email at

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