BrainStorm QuickHelp

Brainstorm Inc

BrainStorm QuickHelp dramatically improves adoption and utilization of Microsoft Office 365 software

What is QuickHelp? BrainStorm QuickHelp is a SaaS platform hosted in Microsoft Azure designed to help organization drive ongoing adoption of the Microsoft Office 365 platform. QuickHelp is a complete solution that brings a proven personalized approach that is able to scale to your entire organization. Features include communication tools and templates, live events, video content, data polling, assessments, and full data reporting. Seamless back-end integration with Microsoft Graph allows the focus to be on changing user behavior and not just user learning.

Who benefits from QuickHelp? Every organization who invests in Microsoft Office 365 needs QuickHelp. Office 365 is packed with productivity enhancing features that impacts users in unique ways. Organizations often struggle to understand the full vision and power of Office 365, let alone creating a proven plan to drive awareness, adoption, and change through the entire organization. BrainStorm helps organizations of all sizes realize the full ROI value of Office 365.

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