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End-to-End, SaaS-based delivery logistics platform

Managing today’s transportation, logistics and mobility challenges while providing superior customer experience and still maintaining efficiency creates new complexities. 
Bringoz is a SaaS, cloud-based, platform for businesses to build, scale and optimize their logistics operations. Bringoz is for businesses of all sizes, Enterprise to Mid-Market, enabling users to build and maintain a delivery and distribution operation. Using Bringoz Platform, our customers are able to reduce OPEX, generate revenue and achieve efficiency while providing customer-centric services.
Bringoz Platform is a collaborative tool, synchronizing between the numerous parties involved, creating a balanced, cost-effective and productive eco-system.

Bringoz is a modular, end-to-end solution: 
  • Planning, Scheduling and Optimization - decrease the hours spent on manual processes, increase productivity and your bottom line.
    • Automated dispatch and planning, with multiple constraints
    • Route optimization, on-the-spot dynamic routing and rerouting
    • Reverse logistics
  • Monitoring and Visibility - be always updated to better manage and support your operations, lowering time and cost spent on inefficient processes.
    • 360-degree Control Tower
    • Consolidation of operations into one access point - breaking down silos for shared information and streamlined processes
    • Eliminate blind spots
    • Track, monitor and manage drivers and vehicles in real-time
    • Dashboards for data-driven decision making
  • Elastic Logistics Infrastructure - build, manage and monitor a diverse fleet of drivers.
    • Build an elastic fleet, combine in-house and 3rd party assets
    • Share assets between locations to maximize vehicular and manpower assets & minimize down-time
    • Driver App - empower your delivery professionals
  • Customer Focused - by providing customers with a hassle-free, highly satisfactory experience, you gain their loyalty and their recurring business.
    • Customer functionality to track orders until delivery
    • On-time, as-promised delivery
    • Improved support capabilities
    • White label for branding

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