EducationHUB Syncservice

de Broad Horizon B.V.

Automatically sync Microsoft Teams with existing educational systems. Fast, easy and secure.

This application is available in both Dutch & English.

EducationHUB Syncservice is a 100% web application (Software as a Service) for the IT department at educational institutions. With the tool the IT department is able to automatically synchronize students,  employees and groups in existing educational systems (LAS, SIS, schedules, HRM) with the Microsoft 365 platform – making it easy for teacher to synchronized existing users and groups within tools like Microsoft Teams.   

Save time 

The Syncservice makes sure everything is fully automated and in sync. No scripting is needed anymore. The tool makes connections with Student Administration Systems and School Data Sync and other existing systems. The tool even keeps the interface for SDS up to date.  

Synchronized control

The synchronization process should be as automated as possible. However, sometimes you need to have control moments. You don't want to synchronize the wrong groups from source systems into the Microsoft 365 platform. Syncservice has the control mechanisms to prevent this. 

100% cloud-first 

EducationHUB Syncservice is 100% cloud-first. It can help your education institution bring the whole IT infrastructure to the cloud. The Syncservice facilitates a 100% Azure Active Directory environment and doesn't need an on-premise Active Directory. 

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