Vantage COVID-19 Workforce Wellness

BroadReach Consulting LLC

Want to monitor employees & customers' daily health to prevent spread of Covid-19 at the workplace?

Vantage COVID-19 Workforce Wellness app gives you real-time monitoring of the health and well-being of your workforce, helping you to keep operating while ensuring your business is compliant with occupation health standards and your staff are protected.

How does it work?

  • Each day, before entering your premises, every member of staff completes a brief health check survey on the Vantage mobile app.
  • They will automatically receive a go or no-go certificate indicating if they are healthy and therefore able to enter the workplace. This triggers real-time alerts to managers enabling proactive staff allocation and documented compliance with legislation. 
  • The Vantage app also allows for seamless communication (chat, voice, video) to disseminate vital educational messaging and coordination within teams and between individuals. 
  • Advanced analytics allows for optimal workforce management across multiple locations and thousands of staff company wide, greatly simplifying staff resource allocation. 
  • The app enables secure chat, voice and video communications between individuals and teams to improve coordination. It can also push out relevant educational materials and instructions companywide.

Key Benefits

Daily staff screening:

  • Collect individual daily health and wellness screening information.
  • Intuitive interface. 
  • Alert managers in real-time if staff are fit to report to work.
  • Seamless Communication:
  • Compliance of staff health records
  • Coordinate real-time team actions
  • Share educational information and updates with individuals and groups.

Real-time Resource allocation:
  • Identify hotspots and manage workforce allocations and staff shortages
  • Proactively protect business continuity and customer health
  • Fast track resource distribution e.g. PPE.

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