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de CEM Business Solutions Inc

Attract the right candidates to open positions.

CEM Applicant Tracking Portal creates a better candidate experience, streamlines your HR processes, and attracts top talent. Post jobs, pull resumes, set filters, and use AI to find top talent based on their skills and qualifications.

Your Pain Points:

· Ineffective recruiting leads to unqualified candidates

· Mishandling the mountain of applicant paperwork

· Time-consuming process screening through high-volume of resumes

· No proper ATS to filter candidates as per your requirements

· Inability to track all your job posts and applicants

· Misplaced or forgotten documents

· Missed candidate hires due to wasted time

Our Features:

· Applicant sourcing, job posting and tracking applicants

· Resume parsing

· Calendar and interview scheduling

· Video interviewing capability

· Real-time status notifications to all users - hiring manager, applicant and HR

· Candidate match feature, interview rating and candidate weightage

· Enterprise integration

· Cloud-based system

· Hiring analytics and reports

Your Benefits:

· Ability to view, store and transfer each applicant’s profile

· Simple process for applicants to upload & filter resumes

· Connect your jobs to the most popular online job boards and social networks

· Track and monitor applicant’s progress

· Schedule interviews all in one system

· Manage offer letters and hiring forms

· Custom-applicant rating and filtering criteria

CEM is an award-winning Microsoft ISV Gold partner specializing in providing end-to-end technology automation and mobile solutions for project-driven industries, such as Construction, Energy, Oil and Gas. In addition, we have earned the prestigious Certified for Microsoft Dynamics – CfMD title.

Integrate our cloud-based recruitment solution to transform your hiring process.

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