Conference@Net - Event Management Platform

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Conference@Net is innovative and easy to use on-line platform that help event organizers create suc


Conference@Net is perfect for organizing and managing events and conferences. It is innovative solution integrated with social networks, available on gesture controlled devices.

The administrative interface is simple, intuitive and easy to use and can be used on standard PC, tablets and smart phones, which enables to the organizers not only to have information in real time, but also change of the content on-site, approval of new registration of participants, results of polls, statistics of visits and the number of participants in each lecture.Some of the characteristics are:

  • Custom made – design can be according to corporate guidelines and book of standards
  • Easy management on all levels of organization and process
  • One person can do it all
  • Easy to delegate to other admins and to supervise
  • Filters for various registration types (press, participant etc.)
  • Drag and drop – management of content and timeline
  • Real time polls and evaluations
  • Dashboard
  • Year after year, everything is on one place
  • Can be available - closed for one group /community or publicly open
  • Templates and texts of messages can be prepared in advance and will be send by calendar and determinated time
  • Vouchers
  • Insertion of existing database (excel) for easy registration
  • Laptop, tablet, smartphones
  • Easy management of content
  • Distribution of digital content
  • Polls and statistics
  • Pipeline, schedule

Quick and easy publication of content of exhibitions / events / workshops / trainings / conferences on the web and all mobile devices and in multiple languages. All changes to the content, layout, logistics information are automatically, in real time, updated on all platforms without the need for manual adjustment.

Access control and distribution of digital content: documents, presentations, videos, live streaming, publication of recorded lectures / presentations, monitoring and analysis of access of participants to content. The promotion of lecturers (titles, images, institutions, curriculum vitae) and their automatic connection with the contents. Closed communication or open communication through social networks (linking content with comments and / or moderated discussions). Depending of exhibitions / events / workshops / trainings / conferences it can be organized as one track or several parallel track. Polls – according to needs the questioner can be adopted for every occasion. All statistics and poll data are available in real time.

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