KONIS System - digital manufacturing factory

de CLEVERSOFT, s.r.o.

MES in a cloud - data acquisition, traceability, digital documentation and reporting system

This application is available in Slovak, Czech, Polish, German and English language.

KONIS System is part of a digital transformation solution, focused on the processes of digitalization the data created in different production and inspection processes aligned with the Industry 4.0 principles.

It can be used as a smart mobile application for simple and fast paperless data acquisition-related with versatile working processes, such as:

  • production data acquisition (produced parts, scrap, production time, manufacturing operations, downtime, staff and machine utilization, etc.)
  • managing manufacturing processes (production launch, 1st part OK)
  • audits (product audit, dispatch audit, 5S audit, standardized work audit, etc.),
  • quality check (e.g. visual or functional attributes),
  • paperless digital documentation
  • monitoring of different processes
  • data analysis and reporting
  • alerting and notifications

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