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Monitoring and Reporting simplified. Easily optimize usage and monitor security risks and compliance

CloudSupervisor Office 365 analytical reporting tool enables your business to perform:

  • Cost Control & License Management
  • Security & Compliance Monitoring
  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting

An all-in-one reporting solution, cloudsupervisor Office 365 helps reduce costs associated with administration, license distribution, and service optimization in Office 365. Stay focused on developing client relationships, growing your business, and managing your employees, not with managing your Office environment. Are the accounts you provisioned even being used? Are users using their Premium accounts or can they be adjusted? Identify unused licenses and usage to save money or justify expenses. Make data driven decisions with reports and dashboards; helping you identify unused services, manage security and compliance, and measure return on investment.

Discover and audit settings, permissions, storage and usage for security and compliance. Reduce the risk of the sharing of sensitive information by understanding your users’ activities habits and audit file and folder sharing rights.

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