CloudMoyo Qualification Tracking System (QTS)

de CloudMoyo Inc

QTS manages rail crew qualifications, certifications, and associated training/testing programs.

CloudMoyo Qualification Tracking System (QTS) tracks and manages crew qualifications, certifications, and associated training programs, acting as a single source of truth for in-depth information related to crew qualifications. QTS is designed to empower railroads to administer safe, compliant, and efficient operations by ensuring only qualified crew members are assigned to their duties.

Some common challenges that QTS solves for: 

  • Limited visibility into certification and license expiries for crew members, leading to compliance breaches and penalties
  • Reactive scheduling of certification qualification programs
  • Manual efforts in parsing through qualification records of individual crew members, before enrolling them into the crew pool
  • Complications in the comprehensive planning and assignments of qualification and recertification programs for multiple crafts across multiple locations
  • Testing and training quota shortfalls arising due to shift duties and optimized manager allocations

Here are some of the core capabilities that QTS provides: 

  • Centralized repository for certification qualification records
  • Notifications and alerts for certification and license expiry
  • Flexible configuration of certification qualification requirements
  • Optimized  trainer assignments and program schedules
  • On-field evaluations of tests, inspections and briefings
  • Execute assigned trainings, tests, and briefings in-the-field  with a guided, mobile UI, and record details such as location, time-stamp, observations, and success/failure outcomes in real-time. 

  • Enterprise system integrations
  • Advanced analytics and customized BI reports

CloudMoyo QTS is driving the following business benefits: 

  • Extended visibility and real-time retrieval of qualification records for audit and compliance purpose
  • Ability to proactively plan qualification programs with deep insights into upcoming expiries
  • Structured qualification and certification requirements, ensuring consistency in training and testing methodology
  • Accelerated and accurate certification lifecycle with effective planning, scheduling, and assignments of qualification programs
  • Optimized training and inspection schedules and manager assignments to meet qualification timelines
  • Fully qualified crew pool assigned for duties to  ensure service excellence and compliance with FRA

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