CluedIn Data Hub


Become Data Driven with the CluedIn Data Hub

Modern times call for modern data solutions. The CluedIn Data Hub is your end to end solution for integrating data from across your business into a data pipeline that allows you to clean, prepare, model, govern, enrich, deduplicate, catalog and make this data easily available and accessible to the business.

CluedIn utilises a data integration technique called “eventual connectivity” which uses a Graph Database to blend data seamlessly from across all your siloed data, yielding much better results than the classical ETL or ELT techniques. CluedIn will then provide the business with quality metrics so you know what is the level of quality of data that you are ingesting into the hub. It will intelligently detect where the dirty data is and load it up to be cleaned by a data engineer.

Utilising modern machine learning techniques, CluedIn will allow Data Stewards, Business Users and Curators to label the data and teach the system how to get better over time and cleaning your data automatically. With Enteprise grade governance, you can rest assured that you can use your data with confidence.

With support for streaming data to other third part systems like Power BI, Azure ML and more, you can easily make your clean, governed data available to the rest of the business.

Native support for autoscaling allows you to work with the biggest data workloads you can imagine, leveraging the power of Azure to provide you with a scalable environment. With sophisticated data merging techniques you can finally provide your business with a proper data foundation and become the data driven business you have always wanted to be.

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