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Funds, Grants and Contribution, Compliance and Management System for Public and Private Sectors.

Since 1987, CM Inc.’s mission has been to provide effective solutions in a wide variety of government and business environments, helping major public and private sector organizations to become more productive and cost-effective. We have accomplished this by building an impressive base of products, talent, infrastructure, and tools at a competitive price which allows your organization's staff to spend more time on valuable work rather than spending their time over endless spreadsheets and manually ranking, creating reports that can lead to errors and mistakes. Cost reduction and staff optimization is the benefit of this system.

As a Microsoft Premium Partner, CM Inc has developed a product Funding Plus ( as a SAAS (Software As A Service) based solution on Microsoft Azure Cloud. Funding Plus is a comprehensive funds and grants management solution which is mainly built on Microsoft stack and can be integrated with additional Microsoft Software, Dynamics CRM, Power BI, SharePoint. Due to the high number of Health Service Providers (HSPs) in Health sector the Microsoft Dynamic Technology is targeted for this product. Funding Plus is operational in the health sector and its predecessors have been in active production and development for 15 years. The product provides additional benefits beyond the funding management process, including features to manage, control, qualify and provide the complete workflow of funding.

Key Features and benefits of Funding Plus include:

• 100 % Canadian built fully tested software
• Proven class cloud (Azure) hosting that is feature-rich
• Latest proven technology from Microsoft stack such as Dynamics
• Dashboards and reporting
• Single, integrated product based on workflow that makes managing and funding with compliance more efficient
• Meets the public sector fund distribution and audit requirements
• Provides high level security and privacy features
• Provides accountability and performance monitoring features
• Reduces staff effort by consolidating and streamlining the funding process
• Saves times in searching, retrieving funding related information
• Document management including collaboration and notification (communication) features
• Reduces funding case processing time significantly

Application Intake and Evaluation: The process that allows individuals to collaborate with the grantor to determine eligibility.

• Business Case Creation: The starting point of applying for funds.
• Applications Evaluation: Review of applications to ensure that all required information is submitted and that high-level requirements are being met. Applications with a higher prioritization index proceed to the next stage.
• Tailorable Screening, Scoring & Ranking: Provider can easily modify evaluation criteria to suit changes in funding or objectives to align with provider’s decision-making framework, ensuring effective evaluation and prioritization of investments.
• Application Approval: A detailed review of the applicant’s information including all supporting documents. This process results in an approval, non-approval, or third-party review (if applicable).
Grant: The collaborative process between the grantor and the approved applicant resulting in a formally-documented agreement/contract.

• Notify Applicant(s): Notification to the applicants that they have been approved to receive the grant.
• Define Agreements and Projects: A legal document negotiated and signed by the grantor and the applicant once the funding application is approved. Includes highly secure, e-Signatures.
• Disburse Funds: The transfer of the fund from one party to the other as directed by the agreement/contract.

Monitor: The oversight capacity to ensure that recipients receiving transfer payments are providing the services for which funds have been allocated. Oversight includes the ability to administer a program, assess risk, communicate with applicants on a regular basis, monitor the results for contracted projects and services, and take corrective action when necessary.

Audit and Evaluate: The comparison of actual expenditures and results against previously defined criteria, to determine if a gap exists.
Centralized Document Management: Funding Plus allows storage and quick retrieval of any document type, consolidating and simplifying document access.
Monitor and Report: The project is being monitored and controlled by implementing the appropriate level of oversight and corrective action. This is done for the full life cycle of funding management and is highly flexible and customizable by users.
Close Grant: Once the contractual obligations have been met, a closing process is triggered resulting in lessons learned, reporting, and financial closure.

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