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Unity Cloud


Unity powered by GraphQL enables you to take microservices architecture to the level.

Unity, ecosystem Platform-as-a-Service.

Hyper-accelerate transformation within your enterprise with Unity. Deliver new experiences faster, with less cost and less risk.

Break down data silos and enable workflow across any array of systems, allowing you to innovate at scale. Output projects faster, gain analytical insights and weave omni-channel communications and IoT effortlessly into your infrastructure.

From Mainframe to REST, from serverless to robotics, connect and deploy full code extensions to leverage your ecosystem. The Unity abstraction layer powered by GraphQL enables you to take microservice architecture to the next level.

Leverage Unity’s growing extension marketplace of modules related to customer experience, project management, field services and dynamic data capture. Unity is underpinned by Docker so you can write custom full-code extensions in any language and enjoy fault tolerance, high availability and scalability.

The platform has key services built in, such as document storage with anti-virus, high-definition video, voice, image capture and PDF publishing.

Other features include:

  • Private cloud or hybrid deployment.
  • RBAC integrated with Active Directory or SAML.
  • Multi-tenancy environment for internal departments and external stakeholders.
  • Configurable to meet data sovereignty and high-security requirements.
  • Rich developer tooling with logic hooks, webhooks and real-time subscriptions to changing data.
  • Dynamic schemas for API & UI (repurpose apps, portals and services for different use cases).
  • Safely expose reusable connections to data within your organization and query across any number of systems on-the-fly.

Unity can complement any existing architecture choices such as data lakes and middleware.