Collibra Data Intelligence Platform

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The Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud is the system of record for data.

The Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud is the system of record for data. Collibra delivers the only end-to-end, integrated Data Intelligence platform that’s purpose-built to automate data workflows and deliver trusted data insights to users. The Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud brings together deep visibility into the data ecosystem – from data warehouses and data lakes to master data repositories and operational databases – without moving data, so information assets stay protected. The Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud empowers organizations to make their data meaningful.

Data Intelligence Cloud products :
  • Collibra Data Governance
  • Collibra Data Catalog
  • Collibra Data Lineage
  • Collibra Data Privacy
Built on a single cloud platform, Collibra enables enterprises to achieve Data Intelligence through data workflows with our platform-as-a-service (PaaS). Customers can automate Data Intelligence and enable trusted business analysis on a single, unified platform.

The Collibra platform and the products built on top help organizations use their data to achieve meaningful business outcomes.

  • With Collibra Data Governance, organizations can ensure data is defined, accurate, and permissioned appropriately.
  • With Collibra Data Catalog, business users can quickly find and use trusted, governed data and reports to drive business decisions.
  • With Collibra Data Privacy, organizations can operationalize privacy policies to ensure data is secure and comply with various regulations.
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