Commerce.AI Platform

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Analyze and activate unstructured customer experience data from voice, text, chat & video.

Commerce.AI automates unstructured data sources leveraging Azure OpenAI. Our unique technology, which is powered by thousands of pre-built machine learning models, automates the processing and extraction of CX insights from voice, chat, text and video data.

With the Commerce.AI platform:

  • BI, Data Scientists and Operations Teams can leverage over 170 pre-built integrations with leading enterprise applications to automate repetitive tasks and spend more time activating and collaborating with the LOB’s

  • Marketing Teams generate deeper product, market and competitive intelligence, faster, thanks to our 55,000 industry specific AI Models.

  • Product teams can develop and improve products and or services

  • Contact Center Operators can deliver a complete overall customer experience by analyzing the entire customer interaction. Combine the call with our Next Generation Post Call Voice Survey™ to unlock key agent performance and coaching indicators.

Commerce.AI and Microsoft innovate together to enable organizations of any size to deliver enterprise AI in a highly scalable environment.

  • Commerce.AI is built on Azure and natively integrates with Microsoft Azure Solutions and products to enable organizations of any size to deliver enterprise AI at scale.

  • Commerce.AI enables users to leverage and integrate with MS Solutions such as POWER BI and MS Dynamics

  • Commerce.AI is your All-IN One Dashboard for all of your Unstructured CX Data Sources.

The Commerce.AI Platform includes Implementation, Onboarding and Support. Our CSM Team supports the rollout and provides best practices to help enterprises GO LIve in days.

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