Spinpanel WorkSpace


Spinpanel WorkSpace

The fast and easy way to manage a modern workspace

The fast and easy way to manage a modern workspace, built for Microsoft partners. Spinpanel WorkSpace integrates with Microsoft 365 to transform any Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise device instantly into a modern workspace without the need for a supporting infrastructure or configuration on the user device.

The workspace made easy

  • Spinpanel WorkSpace integrates with Microsoft 365, Azure and Intune
  • Deployment and management of software, group policies, SharePoint and OneDrive drive mappings, drivers, printers
  • Advanced roaming profile support
  • Azure based solution, scalable from one to thousands of devices
  • Configured in minutes, requires no infrastructure
  • Works out-of-the-box and does not require custom agents per organization or user
  • Deploy Windows 10 Virtual Desktops in Azure
  • Supports legacy applications in Azure IAAS or your VPS platform of choice

Multi-Tier and Multi-Tenant architecture

As a CSP indirect provider, CSP direct partner, CSP indirect reseller or advisor partner you can manage and deploy devices, software and policies to all of your customers from a single pane of glass.

Secure and scalable

Powered by Microsoft Azure, Spinpanel WorkSpace is configured in minutes. Without the need to set-up dedicated or expensive management portals, with straightforward and fair pricing as you grow.

Powerful reporting

Spinpanel WorkSpace uses the powerful reporting and analytics capabilities of Power BI. It delivers detailed insights in device compliance, Office 365 usage, adoption and Microsoft Azure consumption.

*Refer to for a feature comparison.

*Some features require admin consent.

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