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What is

Enterprises continue to treat all customers alike, leading to a large share of irrelevance. And fail to recapture their share of wallet from digital giants.

Crayon Data’s is the world’s first AI-led platform powering the age of relevance. It equips traditional enterprises with the capability to create highly personalized experiences for their end customers. At scale. With speed.

The platform includes richly curated and vast external datasets, backed by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, delivered through a series of easy-to-use APIs. This helps cater to the needs of the portfolio, campaigns, analytics and alliances teams of enterprises.

What are the key benefits of

  1. Increase revenue: Boost portfolio spends by 5-10% with 15-20% spends from inactive segments.
  2. Reduce operational cost to decrease time-to-value: API-led execution strategy designed to provide personalized storefronts from raw unstructured data, within 7 business days. 
  3. Personalize at scale and speed: Campaign curation to execution, within 30 minutes with 4x improved response rates and 200% reduced bounce rates.
  4. Deliver with safety and privacy/security compliance: No PII needed. GDPR compliant and ISO 270001 certified. is built on Crayon Data’s three underlying IP and patents:

  1. TasteGraph™​: acquires essential external data on various lifestyle categories, to create a graph-based entity-affinity model. This model is then mapped to customer behavior data, to reveal a universe of choices and recommendations.
  2. TasteMatch​:  Provides an affinity score between a customer’s taste profile and a given merchant. The TasteMatch score is used to rank recommendations for customers. It considers context for specific use-cases.
  3. Choice AI​: Consumer choice relies on four components: taste, influence, context and behavior. uses these to understand choice. We call it the Choice Equation. Choice = f (Taste, Influence, Context, Behavior) ​

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