An easy and innovative way to manage and scale your CSP business

Our vision is to optimize and grow Microsoft CSP's business.

CloudCockpit is a web platform that centralizes the management and the whole life cycle of Cloud Solution Providers' business. It allows the management of resellers, customers, subscriptions, products, prices and margins related to the business.
It allows you to scale your business in an easy and monitored way by having useful reporting and dashboards for decision-making, calculated and ready-to-invoice reconciliation information, self-service portals to resellers and customers and a complete set of APIs to easily integrate your systems and automate your business end to end without initial investment, setup, installation or configuration costs.

Below some of the major value:

  • Customer self-service
  • Pricing rules (discounts or margins)
  • Calculated reconciliation files
  • Advanced reporting capabilities
  • Office 365 workloads and Azure usage
  • Office 365, Azure, Dynamics, Software Subscriptions & Azure RI Provisioning
  • Upcoming subscription renewals
  • Branding customization
  • APIs for integration
  • And more…

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