An easy and innovative way to simplify cloud management and scale your CSP business

CloudCockpit: Simpllified Cloud Management

Do you believe your team spends a considerable amount of time each week on subscription management? Then you need to talk with us!

Who We Are:

We are CloudCockpit, your dedicated partner in cloud management!

Our mission is to help you redefine your Microsoft ecosystem. As experts in Microsoft Cloud Solutions, we provide a platform that simplifies your cloud program operations.

Our Product:

Unlock the potential of cloud management with us. Let us guide you through our platform in 5 distinct steps:

1. Your Personalized Platform: Communicate with your unique visual identity. CloudCockpit will be your white-label platform. This benefit can also be extended to your clients.

2. Your Business Rules: Pricing strategy can be a game-changer. Automatically apply your margins to various products, services, or clients. Ensure your business remains protected regardless of Microsoft’s pricing changes.

3. Non-Microsoft Offers: New revenue streams await. Provide tailored solutions to your resellers, addressing their specific needs.

4. Azure Report: Gain complete visibility over Azure environment. Envision a 360-degree perspective on your Azure usage and costs. Transition from guesswork to informed, data-driven decisions.

5. Reconciliation: Quicker reconciliation leads to faster invoicing. Generate reconciliation data with a single click. Integrate this data effortlessly, either through files or our seamless API.

Now that you already understand our platform, let us highlight additional offerings:

  • Specialized technical support for both direct and indirect Microsoft CSP partners.

  • Support for license-based offers, such as Microsoft 365, Azure subscriptions, and more.

  • Detailed billing by client and usage period.

  • Simplified Azure billing with full expense visibility.

  • Comprehensive reports and analytics provided.

  • Single Sign-On with Microsoft Authenticator.

  • Monthly release updates on the platform.

Imagine leveraging a platform that can unlock new opportunities for your business. That's the power of CloudCockpit.

Contact us and embark on this journey today!

Be bold, be CloudCockpit.

Let us help you scale your CSP business, request a demo today!

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