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SaaS Platform with all you need to build, run and evolve an efficient chatbot, in a single place.

Take is a Brazilian company created in 1999 with the purpose to make mobile internet accessible to people. After 19 years developing platforms and messaging solutions, Take was able to create BLiP, a professional platform that connects all chatbot creation processes in a single place.

BLiP is the outcome of years of hard work and millions invested on guaranteeing the best orchestration and integration to complex systems, the most stable web, the highest SLA (currently, we assure 99.9% to big companies), among other benefits, in order to reach BLiP’s main goal: be the best tool in the world to speed up processes and integrate the best solutions and channels available in the market, through chatbots. BliP has different hubs, like:

  • Human service: BLiP allows the integration of both customer service ways and their management in a single place; integration to Zendesk and its own tool, BLiP Desk — created with an entire mindset dedicated to experiences on chatbots;
  • Artificial Intelligence: integration to LUIS and Watson enabling bots to answer many doubts and requests following the chart’s context. With BLiP, it is possible to use this resource to make AI more accurate while analyzing every bot’s answer;
  • Payments: innovation that will enable transactions on chatbots. Nowadays, this hub is integrated to PagSeguro, a tool that forwards payments through a conversation’s framework;
  • Analytics: integrated to tools like Chatbase, RD Station and Webhook. It allows the business team to analyze results and have insights to improve bots’ skills;
  • Messaging platforms: hub that allows bot’s publishing on multiple channels with one click. Besides strongly speeding up bots’ publication process, its functionalities allow companies to manage multiple channels on the integration with customers, helping them to sell products, perform surveys and provide customer support.

All these hubs and functionalities allow BLiP to be used within B2B market in two ways:  as a chatbot platform that supports big companies with high level security, availability and speed, helping their customers and employees on several functional areas; and as a SaaS solution to small and medium-sized enterprises, contributing for these entrepreneurs to develop bots with high speed and at a more affordable cost. BLiP delivers three crucial advantages to users: flexibility, speed and stability.

BLiP was the main reason why Take was recognized as a Gartner’s Cool Vendor 2017 in Brazil. It has contributed to the development of chatbots that have impacted the Brazilian market in different sectors, like retail, power supply, automobile companies, hospitals, banks, education institutions, among others.

BLiP aims to be the greatest chatbots’ building, running and evolving platform in the world.

This app is only available in PT-BR (Brazilian Portuguese)