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D3 Security

D3 Security

Complete Security Operations Platform

Achieve rapid incident resolution and consistent security operations with award-winning security orchestration, automation and response.

Rapidly validate threats and accelerate incident response with out-of-the-box security integrations and adaptable playbooks that guide your SOC to automated incident response.

Fully integrated case management helps to properly document evidence and address the full lifecycle of an event, including physical/corporate/cyber security operations and HR/Forensics investigations.

Help all security stakeholders by delivering actionable and consumable information to SOC personnel, SOC managers, incident response directors, CSOs, compliance and privacy professionals.

D3 —the complete security operations platform—has helped 100+ of Fortune 500 companies to standardize, automate, and speed incident response across their people, processes and technology. D3’s Full-Lifecycle Playbooks fuse your security tools and intelligence sources to dynamic workflows that adapt in real-time to changing conditions and requirements, making every incident response more efficient and accurate.