Hailing Core Platform


A technology platform which provides functionality to hail an end-to-end taxi service

Taking the Sri Lankan Mobility sphere by storm since 2015, PickMe, the country’s market leader in mobility, is forever on the ball in terms of innovation and problem solving. Initially aimed at solving the issues pertaining to ride hailing only, the PickMe platform provided consumers with the option of choosing their preferred type of vehicle to travel in, while in turn providing driver partners, across various vehicle types ranging from Tuk Tuks to Sedans, the opportunity to earn a more than decent income. PickMe is a software development company that specializes in providing mobility solutions, and has brought ride hailing to customers’ fingertips via a platform that enables instant ride hailing. Fast forward 4 years into the future, the PickMe platform has now incorporated multiple avenues of mobility solutions into what is defined as it’s “Super App”. Consumers who have the PickMe mobile app are able not only to hail a ride but also get food delivered to their doorstep, organize their trips ahead of schedule with the pre booking option, send and receive parcels, hail a truck to their doorstep for a reasonable price, etc. While the platform aims to reduce time consumed for menial tasks, it also brings forth an element of safety that was previously unavailable. In an instance where customers wished to transport valuable items via truck prior to the launch of PickMe, they would have had to travel with the goods. However, with the feature easily available on the platform, they are able to track their goods in real time and thus, rest assured that their goods would reach their destination not only on time, but also safely. In addition to this, customers have the option of sharing their ETA with as many friends and family as they like at any given time. Also, the platform comes with an inbuilt SOS function that allows users to send an instant message to 5 contacts alerting them that they are in need of help while also providing the consumer with a list of emergency service contacts. It is safe to say that the 300+ strong engineering team currently housed at PickMe, will continue to develop and build solutions aimed at resolving any and all issues in terms of mobility that should arise, maturing the platform continuously with futuristic capabilities. Under this offer, PickMe is open to make available it’s aforementioned mobility platform to any partner who is willing to expand it beyond the current geographical boundaries in terms of business operations, as well as franchising opportunities.

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