ignio Cognitive Procurement


A Virtual Procurement Analyst for Enterprises

ignio Cognitive Procurement is an AI-based analytics solution for Procure-to-Pay, that screens purchase transactions and identifies opportunities to save money and improve the effectiveness of procurement. Our vision is to provide every organization the ability to Explore its procurement behavior using data and identify where to focus its efforts, Monitor live transactions to detect and predict problems needing human attention, and Intercept such transactions through corrective and preventive actions.

It works like an independent monitoring solution by sitting on top of any eProcurement system (i.e Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP Ariba, Oracle, Coupa, iValua etc), consuming raw transaction data from such systems as input and generating cognitive insights as output.

WIth ignio Cognitive Procurement you can –

  • Increase annual savings upto 30-40% from unmanaged spend on goods
  • Reduce transaction processing cost upto 2-3X
  • Achieve compliance of over 90% on policies related to unmanaged spend on goods

ignio Cognitive Procurement is designed to:

  • Explore the procurement behavior of an organization on-demand and surface observations using a set of features packaged under a module called 'Exploration Center'. Features include - Maverick Analysis, Exception Analysis, Spend Analysis and Duplicacy Analysis
  • Monitor and Intercept various problems in near real-time at different stages in the P2P using a set of features packaged under a module called 'Command Center'. Features include - Real-time Continuous Monitoring of Purchase Orders, Invoices and Purchase Request
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