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Internal communication platform to enhance employee engagement

"" enhances the productivity of business, provides enthusiastic work, and fosters innovation by grasping the characteristics and diverse values ​​of employees and providing information tailored to each employee. Aims to be a viable platform. In the future, we plan to use artificial intelligence (AI) to provide services such as recommendations based on how each employee works, support for meeting up with employees, and the use of miles earned. "" supports employees' willingness to act on their own by sharing information suitable for each employee and instilling messages such as vision and management policy. Furthermore, we aim to stimulate communication and collaboration among our employees and enhance engagement. In addition, we evaluate the contribution to the team for each employee and visualize the potential of the team and the performance of the organization by being visualized as miles. Through these efforts, we will support the creation of innovation in the organization by maximizing employee value, improving employee satisfaction, and creating a work-friendly environment. Main features and added value: (1) Information sharing "Timeline" You can post in-house news and rich content including photos and videos with a simple operation on the "timeline". Employees who receive articles can actively use read and unread management, clips of favorite information, and share with colleagues. We will develop "Marketing Automation" for employees, who automatically send out information and other information at the most effective timing and message. For example, you can make fine-grained communication, such as distributing notifications only to employees who do not have a company history or who have not read a specific article. (2) Employee Search "People"  People can search for skills, areas of expertise, etc., and you can add and update registered information yourself. You can find it intuitively with your face picture, and you can communicate quickly by linking it with email and chat. (3) “Mileage” to visualize activities  Mileage is a unique mileage that is accumulated when using "". This app is only available in Japanese.

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