HPCBOX Big Compute for R&D in Manufacturing

de Drizti Inc.

HPCBOX Cluster Big Compute for Research and Development in Manufacturing

HPCBOX delivers supercomputing capability to any PC running Microsoft® Windows® 7 and higher. With built-in intelligent workflow capability, HPC cloud infrastructure can be plugged into your application pipeline giving fine grained control on your big compute cloud resources and accelerating productivity. HPCBOX combines cloud infrastructure, applications and managed services to bring supercomputer technology to your personal computer.

Various applications which benefit from using HPC are available on the HPCBOX platform. Research and Development teams in Manufacturing can expect the following benefits when using HPCBOX:

Control and Elasticity

  • Control project costs by scaling up or down at the pace of changing business requirements and paying for only what you use
  • Improve speed-to-market by running jobs in parallel and generating high-quality prototypes with minimal wait time

Rich Desktop Experience

  • HPC Cloud user experience similar to a personal computer.
  • Use your applications with their native GUI and get rid of web page job submission limitations.
  • Empower collaboration by enabling distributed teams to work from anywhere.

Intelligent Workflow Capability

  • Build and deploy complex HPC workflows using a single platform on Microsoft Azure.
  • Enhance product design iteration and optimization by leveraging digital twin with HPC Simulation and Analysis

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