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HPCBOX delivers supercomputing capability to any PC running Microsoft® Windows® 7 and higher. With built-in intelligent workflow capability, HPC cloud infrastructure can be plugged into your application pipeline giving fine grained control on your HPC cloud resources. HPCBOX combines cloud infrastructure, applications and managed services to bring supercomputer technology to your personal computer.

Various applications which benefit from using HPC are available on the HPCBOX platform.

The following applies to this offering:

  • Various versions of STAR-CCM+ are available within this SAAS HPC Cluster deployment. STAR-CCM+ server can be used in distributed parallel mode over a high speed RDMA network and the client can be used with hardware accelerated remote graphics technology for optimal 3D experience.
  • You must have your own STAR-CCM+ license or a POD key for using this SAAS Offering. A dedicated license server can be provided to host your license in case you do not want to use a POD key. Support to set up a VPN tunnel to use in-house licenses can be provided upon request.
  • Users can take advantage of the fully interactive HPCBOX desktop experience and use STAR-CCM+ just as they would on their local workstations.
  • The HPC cluster can be scaled-out and scaled-in, on demand, as part of the engineering workflow, providing a true elastic HPC cloud experience.

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