e-Share Secure Data Collaboration Platform

de e-Share

Secure file sharing, data rooms & content collaboration with external parties using O365

Unleash the Collaboration Power of O365

e-Share builds upon O365, providing simple, secure & branded file sharing, data rooms, and content collaboration with clients, partners and suppliers.

While Microsoft O365 has become the workflow and collaboration tool of choice for most organizations, many are still using non-Microsoft point solution for their external file sharing. With e-Share, organizations can retire these costly and complex point solutions, moving the underlying use cases onto O365. This greatly improves user collaboration productivity, lowers IT subscription and operational costs, and increases client satisfaction. It also makes sweeping digital transformation of file-based workflows practical through the secure, collaborative sharing of essential sensitive data with customers, suppliers and partners.

Beyond the ability to displace point solutions and natively integrate with O365 cloud file storage and applications, e-Share adds value to O365 in many ways.

  • e-Share uses your organization's brand & URL throughout the collaboration process to promote your brand and prevent the recipient link blocking that can occur with OneDrive & SharePoint Online, especially when sharing into highly regulated businesses.
  • e-Share delivers finer-grained file sharing controls (e.g. edit with no download; dynamic watermarking) that work with anyone, anywhere.
  • e-Share provides a robust API for electronic delivery, collection and validation of files, using OneDrive and SharePoint Online for file storage.
  • e-Share provides many productivity features for external file sharing and collaboration (e.g. sharing files INTO your organization when files are too large/sensitive for email).

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