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Easy to use platform to store, organize and distribute video content with strong security.

This application is available only in Portuguese.

To win the challenge of delivering a platform as a solution for our customers, we planned to use an infrastructure that enables agility and flexibility in developing solutions. In addition to the complexity of videos distribution we understood that a robust platform with a global scale and extreme quality in the delivery of technology services would be necessary. We found these requirements on the Azure platform. Today we use, in addition to Azure Media Services, more than 10 platforms within Azure, which work together to deliver the VIDEOLIB.

The business are changing all the time. This promote major challenges. We understood this, and we are prepared to change and build components on the platform all the time, to generate greater adherence to our customers businesses.

Our promise to you
Content management, monitoring, content delivery across multiple platforms, content usage analysis, support, and all the flexibility that Azure offers.

An offer to get you started
Best Asset Management platform in the cloud
Private Videos in Public Cloud.
VideoLib Platform
100% Azure Ready.

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