Bust Out Fraud Detection ML Models


A bust-out is a type of credit card fraud, the objective is to identify fraudsters early on.

A bust-out is a type of credit card fraud where an individual applies for a credit card, establishes a normal usage pattern and solid repayment history, then racks up numerous charges and maxes out the card with no intention of paying the bill. The objective is to identify fraudsters early on before they rack up credit card charges.

Use Case Highlights

  • Avoid credit loss by detecting those users who intend to rack up charges on a credit card but never pay. 
  • Collection of models using transactional history, payments, and non-monetary activity to detect and prevent fraud before it happens.
  • Get more lead-time to take pre-emptive action by identifying bust-out customers before they occur with additional data sources, advanced modeling techniques, and decades of combined fraud experience.

Business Impact
  • $60MM annual savings 
  • 5 to 7-day earlier identification
  • No rise in false positives
  • Completely integrated into customer’s environment
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