Cynaptx Virtual Career Fair using Microsoft Teams

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Cynaptx Virtual Career Fairs on Microsot Teams with Booth management, Group Meetings, 1:1 meetings

Cynaptx Virtual Career Fair is built on Microsoft Teams and runs on Microsoft Azure. The solution is ideal for Universities, Workforce boards, companies, job boards, government bodies, event management firms who wants to conduct career fair virtually and bring employers and students/job seekers together.  

This solution is powered by world class collaboration technology on Microsoft Teams to conduct unlimited meetings, interviews and chats, unlimited hours of video calls, unlimited number of fairs, unlimited number of booths. Organizers and participents of Virtual Career Fair can sign-in with their Office 365 account to have seamless integration to Outlook, Calendar and Teams. 
All meetings are conducted on Microsoft Teams. Some features of the solution includes:
  • Virtual Career Fair setup
    • Booth Management
    • Payments, instructions and notifications
    • Invite recruiters and students
    • Manage registrations
    • Power BI reports
  • Employers engagement
    • Registration and payment
    • Adding more Recruiters to participate in the Fiar
    • Conducting Group Meetings
    • Conducting 1:1 Meetings
    • Posting jobs and reviewing resume/profiles
    • Applicant Tracking and offer release
  • Students/Job seeker engagement
    • RSVP to Virtual Career Fair
    • Register for Group Meetings
    • Share Resume, apply to job and request for 1:1 Meetings
    • Participate in meetings using Microsoft Teams.

Cynaptx is part of Microsoft for Startup program. 

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