Impress Digital Signage

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Powerful, intuitive and secure cloud-based solution for digital signage.

Impress is a powerful and intuitive cloud-based solution perfect for enterprise organisations such as banks, retailers, workplaces, universities and hospitals who require impactful content for their digital signage networks. Much more than just a flexible platform for scheduling and publishing, Impress helps customers automate the content management process, and localise their messaging, securely and with ease.

Impress is core part of the Engagis offering, and is used by many leading organisations with large digital signage networks that require flexibility and a platform driven by data. Engagis is ISO27001 Certified, ensuring peace of mind when it comes to security.

Impress helps you:

  • Attract, inform and engage customers, visitors and staff with relevant content that drives outcomes via data-driven campaigns.
  • Improve the speed to market of digital campaigns through built-in automation.
  • Personalise, localise and automate content for digital networks.

Features and Benefits

Smart Scheduling - Ensures your media assets are location aware and display content based on the data, knowing when and where to play.
Device Management - Enables you to manage and group devices across your digital signage network to ensure that multiple campaigns can be delivered to different audiences, depending on their location.
Device Heartbeat - Ensures that your connected devices are operating correctly through heartbeats. Device Heartbeats check for changes in the application, changes in playlists and schedules, or any other modifications that may have been made.
Content Approval - Provides a clear audit trail and ensures content is approved before publishing via a workflow that allows content to be uploaded by many contributors and then routed to an individual or team for approval.
Data-Driven Distribution and Localisation - Allows you to display the right message at the right time to the right location through the set up of local attributes such as opening hours, staff names, addresses, phone numbers.
Local Caching - Ensures smooth content playback regardless of the file size through the use of sophisticated technology that locally caches content before it plays on the screen.
Restart on Crash - As part of the Engagis managed service, the restart on crash feature minimises disruption to the customer experience in the event of a crash by triggering an immediate restart of Impress.

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