Enghouse Contact Center Enterprise

de Enghouse Interactive AB

Enghouse Contact Center Enterprise with Microsoft Teams provides businesses with a complete solution

"Enghouse Contact Center solutions provide intelligent queuing and routing of all interactions in a contact center, across all voice, video and text-based channels of customer communication. Our products include extensive management reporting, analytics and control to evaluate and improve the performance of customer service, sales and help desk operations. With Microsoft Teams, the Enghouse Contact Center becomes a highly collaborative environment, with delivery of voice interactions to any agent's Teams endpoint, anywhere in the world. Presence from Teams is used to ensure proper interaction routing and to provide agents with available (and configurable) help from any Teams user across the business.

The Enghouse Contact Center Enterprise product, with Microsoft Teams, offers these capabilities to contact centers requiring continuous uptime, protection against network or infrastructure outages, and scalability to thousands of agent seats across any number of physical locations. The solution can extend its capabilities via integrations with any industry CRM, ERP, or knowledge management framework to provide cost-effective customer self-service, make informed data-driven routing decisions, gather feedback on customer satisfaction, and enable valuable analytics to inform business decisions."

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