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Supporting the digital wellbeing of individuals, teams, and companies as a whole.

Numerous studies have shown that digital wellbeing leads to higher performance and overall happiness at work. Flexxible IT has developed a console to empower individuals to maintain a healthy balance between work life and home life. 

What is Digital Wellbeing?

Digital wellbeing is the concept that when we interact with technology, the experience should support our mental and physical health in a measurable way. It is having a balanced relationship with technology, including the time we dedicate to it each day, and the ability to manage our routines in an efficient and healthy way. We can measure digital wellbeing in:

  • Digital disconnection time
  • Focus time dedicated to individual and collaborative tasks
  • Breaks
  • Multitasking time

What benefits does the Digital wellbeing console have? 

  • Maintain and improve upon your digital wellbeing
  • Understand the breakdown of your day
  • Identify areas for improvement for individuals, teams, and organizations as a whole

How does it work? 

The Digital Wellbeing console classifies the time you invest throughout your routine into three large blocks
  • Collaborative time: Time spent on collaboration tools. Optimize the duration of meetings and the exchange of information by promoting teamwork 
  • Productive and Golden Focus time: Understand and develop quality focus time that helps us feel better and be more productive. Once objectives are aligned and plans are defined, it is essential that individualshave quality time without interruptions to execute their work.
  • Digital Disconnection time: Make sure to enjoy well-deserved rests and complete digital disconnection.  The confidence to feel free to disconnect once the workday is over is essential to developing good digital health.

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