SMARTWORKSPACES, Digital Wellbeing & Apps2Digital


Deliver and maintain the best levels of service, performance, UX and Digital wellbeing for your org

Simplify and streamline Azure Virtual Desktop management

SMARTWORKSPACES is an enterprise support and management platform for Azure Virtual Desktop. SMARTWORKSPACES runs within your Azure tenant and, through a single pane console, delivers level 1 and level 2 admin and support of Azure Virtual Desktop environments.


Key platform benefits

Native Azure security – SMARTWORKSPACES is installed and is completely self-contained within your Azure tenant. With no requirement for Active Directory Federation Services, identity data remains within your Azure service giving you total control over security.

Multitenant management – whether you are a service provider or you have multiple Azure Virtual Desktop sites within your organization, SMARTWORKSPACES enables you to manage multiple tenants all from one place.

Subscription independent – no matter how you manage your Azure Virtual Desktop Azure subscriptions, with SMARTWORKSPACES you can integrate and manage environments across multiple subscriptions. Simply add your Azure subscription details and SMARTWORKSPACES does the rest for you.

Delegated admin rights – Delegate L1 and L2 administration rights to support staff. The actions performed by a delegated admin are always impersonated as an administrator so, support users do not need to have individual administrative permissions to perform their role.

Intelligence at your fingertips – Download usage and performance data across your entire Azure Virtual Desktop environment. User sessions, virtual machines, connection, event log data and more can be exported to Excel Workbooks for reporting, analysis and presentation.

Optimized performance – with automated and scheduled execution of custom scripts and user profile optimization SMARTWORKSPACES helps you keep your Azure Virtual Desktop environments healthy.

Azure cost savings – with many customizations available, SMARTWORKSPACES helps you save up to 60% of your Azure costs. Optimize your user profiles to save on storage. Take advantage of the ability to program and manage session stop and start times so your session hosts are only consuming resources when necessary.

Digital Wellbeing

A new way to measure your digital activities in your own personal dashboard and gives you the opportunity to be in control and find the balance that works for you! By checking your digital wellbeing score you can see how well you are doing and where there is room for improvement

Using well understood measurements of wellbeing in digital environments, it provides employers detailed insights to help and guide employees to manage digital wellbeing. User interaction is tracked to provide overall wellness indexes across the entire organization, across teams right down to individuals

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