SmartWorkspaces for Windows Virtual Desktop


Enterprise class management for Windows Virtual Desktop

SMARTWORKSPACES greatly simplifies Windows Virtual Desktop management and support with the automation of common processes that would otherwise require time-consuming manual intervention. With a single pane console for administration and support, SMARTWORKSPACES allows you to focus on delivering the best levels of service and the ultimate experience for your users.

Streamlined Support: Dedicated Level 1 and 2 Support Console

• Realtime session performance displaying CPU, RAM, network and latency graphs
• Simplified session control, shutdown, logoff, restart and disconnect sessions
• Automation of common support actions through custom PowerShell scripts
• Delegated administration for Level 1& 2 support with no required Azure permissions

Optimized User Profiles: Streamlined user profiles

• FSLogix Shrinking and Compacting

Remote Assistance: User session shadowing

• User shadowing for VDI, shared desktop and application sessions with multimonitor support

Auditing and Reporting: Change auditing & Connection history

• Record historical performance data for SLA reporting

Extending benefits of Microsoft Azure: Multitenant management platform

• Manage multiple tenants within a single Azure subscription
• Manage tenants across multiple Azure subscriptions

About Us

Flexxible IT leads innovation in digital workspace management and delivery. SmartWorkspaces, a family of cloud services, software and purpose-built appliances, delivers an intelligent, fast and simple way to deploy and manage multi-cloud hosted digital workspace infrastructure. Our solutions help organizations fast-track transformation while offering unparalleled experiences for users and IT.
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