Pricing & Rebates for any ERP's Supply Chains

Flintfox International Limited

Supply Chain Revenue Management: Pricing Engine for manufacturing, distribution & retail

Drive supply chain growth with a pricing engine that centrally manages and calculates prices for ANY ERP
Make pricing and rebate management your competitive advantage. 

It is time to hypercharge your ERP solution with Flintfox RMx, and empower your organization with the following benefits:

  • One source of pricing truth. Centralise and manage the most complex price calculations with ease. No more manual errors.  
  • Pricing Agility. Make changes instantly across sales channels. 
  • Any sales channel. Price to any sales channel, platform or device such as eCommerce, ERP, POS. 
  • Promotions. Handle discounts or trade promotions and upcharges. 
  • High-volume pricing. With the Azure load balancer there is no limit on the number of prices calculated per second - instantly and accuratley.  
  • Margin visibility. View all contributions to the end price to make informed decisions on deals.  
  • Handle complex rebate programs. Provide flexible incentives and track customer performance.  
  • Claims and deductions management. Accurately track claims and deductions.  
Want to supercharge your pricing? You can with Flintfox RMx – and you don't even need to change your ERP. We make it simple. You will avoid pricing errors and save time while increasing profitability. You will wish you had done this sooner. 

Talk to us to arrange a demo or find out how Flintfox can help your business mitigate revenue leakage and boost profitability.

About Flintfox
With over 30 years of experience, Flintfox is a global leader in Trade Revenue Management (TRM) software and provides ‘best of breed’ solutions for solving revenue challenges across the manufacturing, wholesale distribution, assisted retail, eCommerce and consumer goods industries. Flintfox is a Microsoft Gold Partner, Microsoft Premium Tier ISV Partner, Inner Circle Member and one of only 10 Dynamics software developers managed globally. Flintfox operates across North America, South America, Europe and Asia Pacific, with headquarters located in New Zealand.

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