Data Coalitions Professional Edition

de Flusso Pty Ltd

Flusso Trustworthy Data Sharing provides private and sensitive data collaboration with transparency


Trustworthy Data Sharing. Solved.

Can you add a new data-sharing agreement in 6 days or a new party to an existing agreement in under 6 minutes? Do you have transparency of your contract and the data in one platform?

Is their trust that your data contracts are reflected in what the IT Systems are doing? Are your data engineers, legal, privacy and finance teams, along with management, board and auditors able to see what contracts are in place and the data transacting in the same product?

Data sharing is a critical tool for businesses and organizations to collaborate, innovate, and make informed decisions.

Data Coalitions solves data sharing, connecting data sharing agreements with transparency.

flusso’ Data Coalitions contract management and privacy practices allow you to go beyond compliance, building customer trust and gain a competitive edge through innovation, all with the approval of data governance, legal and regulatory teams. All with a nod from the data engineers who can seamlessly track the data against a data sharing agreement.

To ensure Trustworthy Data Sharing, there are several key steps we take:

  1. Establish clear contracts: What, who, how and when
  2. Transparency
    See how and whom, provide transparency to execs, boards and committees
    Maintain usage and decrease risk
  3. Compliance:
    Compliance with relevant laws and regulations, such as GDPR, CCPA, or HIPAA, or ISO standards built in
    Ensure your data sharing practices are transparent and ethical
  4. Use privacy tech
    Protect sensitive data: use PETs to control private and sensitive data
  5. Collaborate:
    Effective collaboration is key to successful data sharing
    Clear communication channels, foster a culture of trust and respect.
    Ensure all stakeholders are on the same page about the goals and objectives of any data sharing initiative easily
  6. Best practices (Data Governance) uplifts the value of their sensitive data assets, protecting customers' privacy
    Maintain compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
    Data coalitions with transparency ensures all stakeholders are aligned and informed throughout the entire data sharing process

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