Footprints for Retail

Footprints for Retail

The advanced AI marketing platform for behavioral profiling of physical shoppers.

Footprints for Retail is the advanced AI marketing platform for behavioral profiling of physical shoppers, anticipating their next move and improving customer experience.

We enable your retail properties to boost their performance and create a unique, recurring revenue stream by monetizing your data assets.

Footprints of shoppers inside your retail property tell us what their current & future needs and expectations are, generating Indoor Location Intelligence. Our solution is based on the idea that your physical shopping behavior data is the most valuable business asset you can use to reimagine your economic model in relation to tenants


Footprints enables you to create a unique and recurring revenue stream by monetizing on your Indoor Location Intelligence:

·       Reach precisely the shoppers who are visiting your retail property and are interested in your offer;

·       Target shoppers at the right stage of their customer journey;

·       Use an omnichannel digital platform to send offers through the right channel 

Indoor Location Intelligence is the fuel for next-gen marketing and our disruptive & predictive AI enables you to make the most of it: 


STEP 1: We do indoor shopping behavioral profiling: 

We mine indoor shopping behavior data in a frictionless manner, we use your existing WiFi & BLE beacons infrastructure.


STEP 2: We do online user acquisition & behavioral profiling

We collect user identity & profiling data from all your digital channels into a single 360° shopper profile view.


STEP 3: We have our unique predictive AI for offline to online data fusion


STEP 4: We enrich user profiles with predictions around their indoor shopping behavior to generate a 30-day forecast


STEP 5: Our predictive models and campaign automation enable your marketing teams to do less, yet more effective work and instantly decrease your marketing spend

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