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What is GSS Vital Knowledge®

Vital Knowledge® (Knowledge Management) is a knowledge management system that takes advantage of the innovative artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Your company can reap the benefits of Vital Knowledge® for better and faster decision making, quicker problem-solving, efficient sharing of specialist expertise, increased innovation, solid employee development, and improved business processes, just to name a few. Your staff can take advantage of the wealth of knowledge with the aid of AI to grow business.

Your organization can use Vital Knowledge® to store and retrieve knowledge to improve collaboration and align business processes. The platform can exist within your organizations or teams to boost productivity. Your company can center knowledge base for your staff and customers for faster problem solving and cost reduction in customer support. The search engine of Vital Knowledge®, combined with AI and many valuable features, makes knowledge retrieval effortless.

Content, Social, and Mobility are the three main pillars of Vital Knowledge®:

  • Content: Manage knowledge and content within your organization. The high performance full-text search engine allows for efficient knowledge storage and retrieval.
  • Social: Connect people, knowledge, and ideas to boost productivity through expertise sharing. The platform allows users to categorize, tag, and subscribe to versions of content with the assistance of AI technology.
  • Mobility: Use AWD (Adaptive Website Design) to enhance user experience on mobile devices. Mobile accessibility provides flexible and instantaneous knowledge sharing among your staff and customers.

In addition to the three pillars above, Vital Knowledge® comes with powerful features below:

  • Rich APIs: With more than 200 APIs, developers can access contents in Vital Knowledge® to meet requirements for cross-platform integration.
  • Sophisticated metadata: The platform provides unlimited metadata settings for different types of content.
  • Multilingual user interface: Vital Knowledge® provides user interface for English, Japanese, Thai, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

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