Genero Sales

de Genero Solutions AB

Empower your sales team to create more profitable stores

Genero Sales is a sales automation service for companies with field sales teams that process grocery stores, out of home and specialist trade. Today we have over 2 000 users in 14 countries.

The app Genero Sales is all you need to support the entire sales process from planning to follow-up. Genero helps the sales reps plan their days and become more relevant in the stores thanks to a simple and practical tool in their mobile phone or tablet. The sales manager and administrator can prepare, support and evaluate the efforts of the sales team at any time.

Key Features

  • Plan your weekly actions and manage your daily in-store tasks.
  • Have full control on your clients (stores), articles, prices and campaigns across chains, regions and categories.
  • Measure your distribution in stores and number of faces and space on the shelf.
  • Answer market questions in the stores, see what should be done at each point of sale.
  • Place orders and payouts directly in the app.
  • Show your products and campaigns presentations directly on your phone or tablet. You can load up presentations in pdf, jpg and mp4 formats.
  • Manage all your images in one place. Take photos, download and organize them in our image management tool.
  • Follow up your successful work with reports and KPI’s.

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