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Cloud-based lab environments for technical training and sales

At Heropa, we believe that experience is the only way to truly embed understanding. In the increasingly complex and ever changing world of technology, this is particularly relevant. And despite this being common sense, countless organizations are faced with the challenge of easily delivering solutions to their customers for the purpose of technical learning. Our mission is to simplify the delivery of complex software environments so that hands-on learning can happen. That’s why we created Heropa, a cloud-based platform that simplifies the creation, delivery and management of technical labs for software demos and application training. Our cloud-based platform allows you to easily create pre-configured, pre-populated environments to share with your customers anywhere in the world. These reusable and fully independent environments are accessed on-demand through a web browser, providing your customers with hands-on access to your solution in minutes. Heropa Labs for Training We help training and educational organizations reach more learners, delivering high quality, hands-on learning experiences that increase engagement and improve learner retention, both in the classroom and remotely. Software companies use our platform to train their employees, customers, and channel partners, ultimately realizing cost efficiencies while also providing opportunities to generate revenue. Heropa Labs for Sales Our platform is used to showcase software applications in sales demos, and run customer trials and proof-of-concepts. This allows for in-depth evaluation of software by prospects while improving consistency and efficiency of sales engineering effort. Our customers have had impressive results using the platform to share new product releases with existing customers, and target new customer segments. Discover Heropa today at

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