Hitachi Solutions IoT Energy Optimization

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Automate comfort and energy efficiency during shoulder seasons

Solution Overview
Unexpected weather fluctuations can make it difficult to maintain stable building temperatures. Not only can this cause tenant discomfort and inefficient energy use, it can also negatively impact employee productivity and operational costs.
Our IoT Energy Optimization solution leverages the Microsoft cloud to centralize relevant building data with real-time weather updates to proactively recommend and automatically execute boiler plant adjustments designed to meet tenant satisfaction and building temperature requirements while saving money and reducing carbon footprint.
This intelligent and automated IoT-based solution ensures your properties remain comfortable and energy efficient 24/7.
The Value
  • Consolidates all building data into one solution with a global view
  • Replaces costly and laborintensive manual activities
  • Automates startup and shutdown
  • Ingests data from your portfolio of buildings in real time
  • Identifies and prevents issues before they occur
The Proof
  • Minimizes impact of unexpected and severe weather
  • Provides system health, insights, oversight and control
  • Optimizes active temperature profiles and adjusts thermostats without user intervention
  • Maintains activity history and actions, making the solution smarter over time
The Outcomes
  • Enhances tenant satisfaction
  • Increases energy efficiency and reduces carbon footprint
  • Reduces operational costs and improves productivity
  • Ensures compliance with building temperature regulations
  • Provides rapid ROI
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