Account Prioritization for Marketing and Sales


Built on Microsoft Azure, iDatalabs offers a range of methods for quickly finding the best accounts

iDatalabs Propensity Modeling allows you to build sophisticated AI models in minutes that find the accounts that are most likely to become your customers. Leverage iDatalabs database of over 4M companies and 10K technologies. Include key account data from CRMs like Microsoft Dynamics. Get more than a list of targets, understand why they are a great fit for your product or service and what message will be best to win them over. Clients typically see win rates increase by 3X and deal sizes increase by 30%.

iDatalabs Targeting Application allows you to find target prospects when you already know the firmograhics and technology stacks of your best customers. Filter through iDatalabs database of over 4M worldwide companies using location, industry, company size, and technology install base to find just the right companies for you to go after. Our self-service UI on Azure makes it easy for you to explore different targeting options and understand your addressable market.

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