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Iguazio intelligent edge platform


Iguazio extend the cloud offering with its edge analytics enabling users to analyze data at the Edge

Iguazio Edge enables running analytics and AI locally processing data on site and for faster and advanced analytics Users can run predictive maintenance, image recognition and other types of analytics locally. It has built-in popular open source frameworks running on top of Kubernetes (e.g. spark, Presto, TensorFlow etc..) integrated with its high performant data services for analyzing data at the edge enabling users to run ML models, generate reports and conduct data exploration locally. Using its FaaS (AKA Nuclio) framework iguazio can easily collect data from a wide set of sources and run cleansing and transformation on the fly and then filter or aggregate it such that only the relevant subset of data will be sent to the cloud. One big advantage of this architecture is that the analytics process will keep running even if the cloud connectivity is down. Iguazio integration with Azure IoT Edge and IoT Hub enable a smooth deployment in the Azure eco-system