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Omnipresence CXMnow - Life Sciences Customer Experience Management

Looking to Provide Your Healthcare Provider and Healthcare Institution Customers with a Great Customer Experience?  

Omnipresence CXM is an implementation-free, self-configurable customer experience management platform available at a click of a button. As a next-gen life sciences company you can now easily enable your field force, marketing and operations teams with an industry specific solution on Microsoft technology.
Built with all 3 Microsoft clouds (Dynamics 365, Azure, Office 365), Omnipresence CXM is a unified platform that makes intelligent, omnichannel customer experiences possible. Powered by AI that automatically provides a deep customer insights and predicts best experiences, the entire customer journey can be seamlessly executed for the most meaningful interactions.
Why Omnipresence CXM is the Best Option 

  • Omnipresence is built by life sciences experts who understand pharma, biotech, and med-device business needs and compliance requirement
  • As a unified platform, functional teams can work together using a shared view of their customers and plans, across devices, online and offline in harmony with their Microsoft applications
  • Focused on enabling great customer experiences, advanced analytics and AI deliver customer insights that enrich every stage of the customer journey
  • After a short interview of your specific details, the configurations can be made without a complex implementation project and you can be up and running in an hour.

Get your implementation-free CXM today!

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