Indikatore Supply Chain Solution

de Indikatore

We solve problems of stock-outs and high inventory level at the same time for all supply chain.

This application is available only in Portuguese.

With Indikatore Supply Chain Solution, will be possible • See demand forecasts, history, transit orders, on-hand inventory and insights all in one screen; • Forecast for SKUs for regular demand running a plenty of statistical algorithms to see which model best predict sales trends, and then will automatically selects the best one for each item in each store. • Purchase and Replenishment Optimization guarantee best stock level according profitability of each SKU. • Our solution are going to save time for your team by letting them focus on the areas and situations more strategically that machine could not resolve. • Inventory Optimization will help you minimize your investment in stock at the same time that you going to see improve sales by on-shelf availability on retail.

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