Real-time operation for cities & utilities

de InfoTiles

“Streaming-as-a-service” for cities and utilities enabling you to make sense of data in real-time

InfoTiles offer a real-time (end-to-end) Software-as-a-Service that streams data from sensors, open data sources, plants, systems and machines.

InfoTiles normalizes input regardless of the source. Be it an IoT-sensor, SCADA system(s), web or other software, allowing continuous real-time analysis and modelling. This enables you to process and visualise the information generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) with analytics and predictions, to make sense of the data.

InfoTiles delivers a wide range of device and enterprise system connectivity, industry applications, and advanced analytics. InfoTiles allows for extraction of further value from your current data while also opening possibilities of enhancing it through combination with new technologies.

InfoTiles securely allow your data to be shared public, limited to certain departments, or across the organization. Access are completely controlled through Single-Sign-On and Azure Active Directory.

Make sense of your data

1. Gather data from all sensors, SCADA systems, business systems and open data

2. Visualise and present analytics and new business insight in real time

3. Start making business decisions based on large amounts of data

4. a matter of days

Key benefits

Savings in time, costs and initial investments associated with establishment of data driven operations

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